Monday, February 1, 2021

VCAP-CMA Design 2021 certification - Passed

Three weeks ago I finally passed the VCAP-CMA Design 2021 certification. I am delighted to share that I passed the exam with a score of 300. The exam code is 3V0-732 with some questions on mapping (drag & drop) and design scenarios. It has a total of 60 questions with a duration of 135 minutes.

Sadly the experience with VCAP CMA Design exam was one of the worst I've had when doing exams. 

First, I passed the exam on the second attempt with a score of 300 out of 500 where 300 is required to pass. Yes, I barely passed. But pass is pass.

Second, the exam will test your core basic concepts on vRealize Automation but with version 7.2!!!.  Then, you need to go through 7.2 reference architecture and foundation concepts.  I was not working with vRA 7.x anymore in at least one year and half. Actually I'm working with vRA 8.x. Then I needed to remember concepts.

Third, and the worst part,  even I passed the VCAP-CMA exam and I was waiting for the badge, it never came. I asked to certification VMware team why, and they told me the bad news: My old VCP7-CMA certification was not valid anymore. Then I needed to pass the new Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.1 (2V0-31.20) exam to validate the VCAP CMA Design exam. Yes, I didn't read the little letters. The only good thing is new exam is based on vRA 8.1.

I had to schedule the new exam last week, and, yes, I passed too. I had 467 score out of 500. 

Finally I received both badges back to back. Good thing.


My last comment is about the exam delivery method. Right now (due to pandemic) many of them are proctored and remote.  These both exams were remote using my laptop on my home.  You needed to download an App for Mac on my computer. The App detected any application opens or running, it forces to close them in that case. Also you need to keep the camera and mic open all time or the exam is canceled immediately. Same if they listen any voice in room. First time was a little annoying but second time was comfortable. 

I have plans to make the VCAP CMA Deploy 2021 on March (to get VCIX-CMA 2021). I hope but the bad news is a proctored exam in site (no remote). 


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