Friday, August 9, 2019

Creating Visio-Like diagrams for free using VMware stencils

As a MacBook user I little upset when I need to create a Visio diagram due to there is not Visio for Mac. What do you do? Normally I need to power on a Windows VM. Also some official and unofficial stencils templates and stuff were created for Visio. Finally many master diagrams were created for Visio.

Well, not anymore for me.

I found a very amazing tool called I have used this tool in the past using the online framework, but I discovered a best way to create diagrams visio-like even using exactly the same icons and stencils.
Here’s one I made yesterday as VMC on AWS template:

Here the source file for this diagram.  My plan is share all my files on my public coming soon. Meanwhile you can download the .drawio from here.

The amazing thing is support many formats even VSSX files, the format for Visio stencils templates. So what ever vssx file could be imported.

First I needed to import stencils from this places (just using the Import from File menu option):
Whilst I don’t see this as a full replacement for Visio. However last time, I just wanted to sketch up a quick concept for our VMware cluster and VMC on AWS architecture and it was great for that.

Also the web online tool, has announced its desktop clients, which we can download directly from here: has the advantage of including images from Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Veeam, and many others.

Brilliant work guys. Did I tell you it's free? Visio good bye



  1. As best as I could ascertain you are being misleading on the stencil import aspects of Draw.IO ( ). It cannot import Visio stencils directly and they need to be converted into Visio drawings ( .vsdx ) files using Visio itself.

    I still love it as a drawing tool but it's not quite as plain sailing as you suggest from a stencils perspective.

  2. Have to correct my prior post. You can import .vss and .vssx stencils into the Web version of but not the Linux desktop app. You can then save the stencils as XML files and drag them onto the app in the shapes area of the desktop app.

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